How to use PayRue Swap

This is an explanation and show case of best to use PayRue Swap. The absolut easiest way to use PayRue Swap is through the mobile using PayRue DEX Wallet

When using PayRue Swap in PayRue DEX Wallet there is few good things to be aware off

  1. You already connected to Binance Smart Chain, Polygon or Ethereum, so there is no need to connect with WalletConnect or other dapps.
  2. You can instantly choose any tokens to swap between - the choice is yours for example you can buy Link token with Propel, or buy Propel with Sushi tokens.

If you have not found any of the desired tokens you want to swap you can manually add them to PayRue Swap here by click on the Token and a token list shows up

If you can not find the token in the list you will have manually to add it, you can do that by search for the token on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko, you will then find the address posted like below

Example here is on Propel on CoinGecko, they list the contract and say its listed on Explorer of BSCScan

Now you have confirmed that Propel the token and what Blockchain its listed on, then you copy and paste contract address direct from CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap and insert it into the token list in PayRue Swap and after that you are ready to swap.

Important Note:
All swap transactions on blockchains needs to pay for gas so on
BSC need to have BNB on your wallet
Polygon need to have Polygon Matic
Ethereum need to have Ether


good project and great team PROPEL will go to moon soon.

I think whats important to think about you can swap any tokens direct between each other, but always need to be able to pay for gas so small balance of BNB, Matic or Eth always required.