PayRue Invitation & Referral Rewards

This will explain the Rewards and Bonuses Scheme of Propel

The rewards and bonuses are designed to community members that invite friends to join PayRue by downloading PayRue DEX Wallet.

Information on PayRue DEX Wallet click here

The process is

  1. In PayRue DEX Wallet you have an Earn Crypto button you click on that and get into a new page

  1. You share the unique link to friends and family on social media, email on sms.

  2. When your friends open up the link they will be asked to sign up to PayRue DEX Wallet on Google Play Store or Apple Store.


Currently PayRue rewards users as follow

250 Propel per successful invitation

  • Successful invitation is when the USER who got invited
    a) download/install PayRue DEX Wallet
    b) create their own wallet
    c) deposit/transfer a minimum of 10 USD of Tokens into their own PayRue Wallet

500 Propel Reward

  • To any new user who create wallet and complete the steps above

Leaderboard & Bonus Prizes

The top 10 community leaders who did most successful invites will CAN earn extra bonus on payout - this can is discretionary by PayRue team and can be announced at any time.

Payout of rewards

PayRue will pay out monthly reward normally at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

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