PayRue Wallet FAQ

This is FAQ and Help, Support page on PayRue Wallet by Community Members

In this post, we will explain the basic of what PayRue Wallet is how it works.

The flow is as follow

  1. User download PayRue Wallet from Google Play Store or Apple Store

PayRue Wallet

  1. The user get asked to Create a Wallet or Import a Wallet - let us explain the difference
  • Create a wallet mean that the users creates a private key - like special password that will be linked to the users new address on the blockchain - the address is the wallet
  • Import a wallet mean that the users already have an address (wallet) somewhere and would like to import this wallet to PayRue. For example you can import a TrustWallet address into PayRue Wallet by using the private keys from TrustWallet.

  1. This step after have created your own address which means you have created your view or access from PayRue Wallet to your special address on the blockchain that only you have access to with your own private keys.

  2. Now you need to save your private keys and memory phrases so you don’t loose it or someone can steal it from you - this is yours only and never share it. This part of decentralisation is really key in understanding ownership, rights and what you can do with with a wallet on DeFi or NFT.

  3. Now you have your address accessible through PayRue Wallets we have also made it easier for you that your address now also works on BSC, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom and Avalanche - very easy.

Video on PayRue Swap

  1. When buy, sell tokens using PayRue Swap or transfer token to other wallets you need to pay for gas, like commission to the operators on the blockchain so they can verify and approve your transfer or request. So you need the native token in the relevant blockchain. Ethereum = ETH, Fantom = FTM, Avalanche = Avax, Binance Smart Chain = BNB and Polygon = Matic.

Summary should be your wallet, your keys and you are in control.